Treatment Types


The changes seen in the aging face are accountable to many causes, among them years of exposure to sunlight, smoking, facial muscle exhaustion, etc. With time, the youthful, vibrant, and fresh appearance of the face is lost. Facial skin texture and quality, along with the appearance of wrinkles, give away one’s true age and, ultimately, cause considerable discomfort. With simple means, much less invasive than surgery, it is possible to improve one’s facial appearance. Various injectable materials can treat facial wrinkles and folds, and even address their ultimate causes. As for skin texture and quality, one can apply various creams and/or have “peeling” performed.
The normal face possesses dynamic wrinkles as a result of facial muscle use, as opposed to static wrinkles that are usually due to aging, smoking, genetics, gravity, and overall loss of facial tissue “mass”. Regardless of origin, most wrinkles can be treated and, in effect, vanish.





Fat Injection – Lipo Filling

Skin Lesions Removal